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August 4th Event: "Art, Activism, and Censorship"

Join our latest webinar that will take place Sun, Aug 04th @ 7:00 pm Jerusalem Time/ 12:00 pm Washington DC Time over Zoom. We will be hosting an American Native Artist, Danielle SeeWalker, and a Palestinian Native Artist, Yaqeen Yamani …


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About Us

After 15 years of daily encounter and experience with the arts in their different forms and genres, we came to the conclusion that beauty is bigger than politics. Art should not be limited to only representing political positions, despite its importance in doing so, we argue that the arts should be left to react and evolve alone without interventions from the market or the political context. Markets, as part of the political process, tend to dictate to the artist what to create. Our position does not deny the power of the political, but it steps back in order to make a balance between what artists feel and intend to create and what the market or the political atmosphere is demanding …

Who are We?

A group of Palestinian artists who seek to empower themselves by sharing their artwork together in one virtual venue and to reach a wider community of Palestinian art lovers. We have artists from historical Palestine, the West Bank, and Gaza. We are also looking to recruit other talented Palestinian artists who live in the diaspora. 

Searching for Blue #17

Latest Events & Webinars



12:00 PM Washington DC/ 7:00 PM Palestine/ 10:00 AM Colorado

You are cordially invited to a special webinar on Sunday, August 4th at noon (Washington DC Time, 7:00 PM Jerusalem Time.) This event, titled “Art, Activism, and Censorship: Navigating Art Spaces for an Indigenous Artist,” promises to be an enlightening …



12:00 PM New York | 7:00 PM Palestine

You are cordially invited to join us for the third virtual event of the Palestinian Artists Consortium, where we will host the Palestinian visual artist, Reem Al-Natsheh, from the City of Hebron. We will explore with Al-Natsheh the story behind …

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The Palestinian Artists’ Consortium website has been my passion project. After months of hard work and planning, it was meant to be launched in mid

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