Alaa Albaba

Artist Statement
Alaa Albaba
Visual & Teaching Artist

Alaa Albaba, born in 1984 in Jerusalem, is a distinguished Visual Community Artist and a Teaching Artist. In 2015, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts at the International Academy of Art Palestine, a pursuit he undertook from 2010 to 2015 through a scholarship awarded by Kio University in Norway. Additionally, he honed his skills at the Visual Arts Forum in Ramallah from 2008 to 2010. In 2011 Albaba founded the ON THE WALL Studio “Almarsam” in the Al Amari Refugee Camp. Throughout his career, Albaba has been actively involved in various artistic residencies both within and outside Palestine. Notably, he participated in a Beirut residency focused on the Borj Al Shamali Refugee Camp and the Alhola massacre. There, he produced impactful sketches and murals rooted in the real-life stories of the camp.

His artistic footprint extends to Spain, Norway, Jordan, and Palestine, where he has created paintings and murals reflecting diverse themes such as life, beauty, the future, community, and freedom. These works were particularly significant in the Jordan Valley, Bil’in, and France. Between 2015 and 2018, Albaba embarked on a notable project titled “The Fish Path.” Starting from Nabi Saleh Village and extending to the Al Amari Refugee Camp, he created 18 murals across Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan. These murals featured fishes as a symbol of refugees, drawing inspiration from reality. Albaba also initiated “The Camp ” project, an introspective exploration of his relationship with the refugee camp, capturing its essence and his interpretation through horizontal architecture. This project led to the creation of 15 paintings. His exhibition portfolio is extensive, with recent two participations in 2019 in Holland and in Qattan Foundation at the same period. In 2020, Albaba opened his Camp Personal Exhibition at the Gallery almustawda’ in Ramallah. The following year, he initiated an artistic residency in collaboration with the Ramallah municipality in the old city.

Most recently, in 2022, he launched a personal exhibition at the Bab Al-Deir Gallery in Bethlehem, continuing to showcase his unique artistic vision and commitment to community engagement through his work. In 2023, Alaa Albaba further expanded his impressive body of work by creating an open studio exhibition. This event, a testament to his ongoing commitment to accessible art and community engagement, was held in cooperation with Al-Zawiya Gallery in Ramallah. This exhibition not only showcased Albaba’s latest creations but also provided a platform for interactive dialogue and cultural exchange, reinforcing his status as a pivotal figure in the contemporary art scene of the region.