Mahmoud Hashem

Artist Statement
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Mahmoud Hashem
Visual Artist

Mahmoud Hashem born in 1992 in the village of Al-Nuzla Al-Sharqiya in the Tulkarm Governorate, is a visual artist who works with different media and creates sculptures and paintings. He has participated in several art exhibitions on the local level. Hashem believes that art, in general, could be generated from the surroundings of the artist and should not be isolated from the issues of community, people, and nation.

His artistic style is characterized by a harmonious blend of traditional Palestinian landscape and views reflecting a deep connection to his cultural heritage while exploring modern techniques.  Through his paintings, he invites viewers to appreciate the sublimeness of the Palestinian landscape and its biodiversity. 

During his early years of practicing art, he joined several organizations such as Bader Commission of Tulkarem Youth, where he taught painting workshops and painted murals.   

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