A Talk with the Artist Reem Al-Natsheh: How the Palestinian Folklore Tales Turned into Paintings?

You are cordially invited to join us for the third virtual event of the Palestinian Artists Consortium, where we will host the Palestinian visual artist, Reem Al-Natsheh, from the City of Hebron. 

We will explore with Al-Natsheh the story behind her collection “Layers of Identity”, which she has been creatively developing and actively producing. Al-Natsheh is unique in her style and chosen themes. She has been delving into questions of identity and home through the window of folklore tales. 

Folklore tales constitute a crucial aspect of Palestinian oral history, yet they are seldom explored by scholars. In her artwork, Al-Natsheh revives that semi-forgotten genre and highlights the need to shed more light and attention on it for the sake of encountering Israeli propaganda as well as the identity theft. 

Al-Natsheh will join us over Zoom from her art residency at Cité International des Arts, Paris.

The panel will include:

  1. Yusuf Abudi – Host and Facilitator 
  2. Ahmed Hmeedat – The Consortium Founder & Facilitator
  3. Reem Al-Natsheh – Artist from Hebron

Join us in this unique event to listen to Al-Natsheh as she shares her personal stories and discusses the process behind her creativity and discipline in the art. In addition, Al-Natsheh will be sharing some of her artwork live during the webinar. 


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